|Culottes meets streets|

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Street Style has conquer the industry of fashion and its going to stay for a long time in our closet. In the Renaissance era Zip Culottes began their fashion journey as men’s pants but from the Victorian Era started to appear in women’s wardrobe. Because of the heavy fabrics, the size of the skirt and the crinoline that women were wearing at that time , zip culottes stood for women’s freedom. They named it ‘split skirt’ and it was used for sports like horseback riding.Today Zip Culottes are a trend. Having in mind combinations of styles we chose a more relaxed combination that you can copy easily and become another ‘street girl’. As we mention in our previous post sneaker are in every wardrobe, combined with the black zip culotte and one knit sleeveless shirt, you are ready for a ride in the streets. Otherwise if you prefer something later in the day you…

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